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Jemima Pedro: She Felt an Inclination to Blend in with the Wallpaper

11 December 2023 – 19 January 2024

Jemima Pedro: She Felt an Inclination to Blend in with the Wallpaper

Jemima Pedro
Jemima Pedro. Dunedin, New Zealand. Oil and mixed medium on canvas: 2023
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She Felt an Inclination to Blend in with the Wallpaper

Commitment to a cause, and dedication to decisions made, has consequences.

Mother, lover, wife, daughter, friend, source of tireless sympathy and succour for all around her, she radiates confidence and benign serenity, confident in her value and defined by her purpose of so many years.

But the same status that has offered her definition and value is beginning to have a mysterious and creepingly blurring effect.

She is reflecting, taking a little time to comprehend and come to terms with the invisibility that comes with completion.

She is that certain age. She is at that blank page between chapters in a novel. Her career limits. Her child has grown up. She doesn’t know how to verbalise her new found status within a bright, shiny, seeking society, and is confident that no-one is really interested anyway.

She is a glowing paradox. Her very reliability has seen her assumed/consumed by her flock, and she now finds a solace here, at the peak of her powers, consigned to the background.

More than consigned: absorbed.

For she finds herself blending into the cheerful wallpaper of her surroundings, triply hidden by her thoughtful manner, the scaffolding of her life, and the busyness of passers-by. 

But ohhh, she’ll be back… 




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