This Piece Won't Change The World : Dunedin Fringe Festival

This Piece Won't Change The World

- a couple who perform perform ... a couple ... of couples.

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What is real/actual/autobiographic is morphed into fiction leaving an uncertainty as to what is genuine and what is fake. This is an exploration of the real, the surreal and what lies in between. A performing couple perform a couple of couples and are married with kids. The stereotypes, the cliches the truths the untruths.  

Shedding light on this matter, highlighting, distracting, suggesting and even censoring is the lighting design itself, reacting in realtime to what is being proposed on stage.

This piece began 6 years ago as part of a project called An Evening (En Kveld) which curated works in progress. This provided a framework for choreographers to take risks, test ideas and get audience feedback. A snippet of the duet was performed at MASSIVE Art Party in Christchurch the 18th of December 2020. This full length version has been awarded a Fringe Artist Grant. We are co-produced by Good Times Comedy Club in Christchurch.

Matthew Onarheim-Smithhas worked with a diverse array of companies both nationally and internationally such as Random Scream of Belgium, Carol Brown Dances of UK/NZ, Company Willi Dorner, Theater Combinat, and Klaus Obermaier of Austria and the Norwegian company Impure. In NZ he danced with Black Grace and also danced with Human Garden, Commotion Company, Touch Compass.

Benedikte Onarheim Smith has worked as a freelance dancer, teacher, choreographer, and dance producer. She created En Kveld. Benedikte has danced for Norwegian dance companies Stellaris Dansteater (NO), Moltrix Scenekunst (NO), Company UT, and for UK-based artist Jorge Cresis.

Martyn Roberts has creating award winning light and set designs for a number of years here in NZ and overseas. Works include This Other Eden for Opera Otago, The Caretaker, Punk Rock and Grounded for Fortune Theatre as well as working with Touch Compass Dance, Taki Rua Theatre and his own company, afterburner. 



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St Hilda's Collegiate School

2 Cobden Street Dunedin 9016

Dance Physical Theatre Performance Art

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