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Migrant Shakespeare

UK / Turkey / Transitional

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Seyyar Company with C ARTS

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UK / Turkey / Transitional

Think you know your Shakespeare? Think again! This is Shakespeare as you’ve never seen him before – ‘trippingly on the tongue’ …

Migrant actors take on the Bard, reinterpreting his words in alien environments you will never have imagined before. They give his iconic characters a new life, migrating them into the roles assigned to outsiders by society. Hamlet is a meat-packer, King Lear a construction worker, Caliban a hotel cleaner, Lady Macbeth a housewife looking after children, and Shylock washes the dishes in a restaurant. This is no one Bard: Shakespeare belongs both to no-one and to everyone.

Hamlet (Hamlet) | Tuana Arayici
Jacques (As You Like It) | Zülfü Kaplan
Edmund (King Lear) | Gözde Ișik
Lady Macbeth (Macbeth) | Gülİstan Sarbas
Launcelot Gobbo (Merchant of Venice) | Semba Tekİn
King Lear (King Lear) | Tuncay Akpinar
Caliban (The Tempest) | Seda Çelİk
Katherine (Taming of the Shrew) | Eser Rüzgar
Shylock (Merchant of Venice) | Denİz Oku
Prospero (The Tempest) | Özlem Taș
Adapted and directed by Naz Yeni
Editor | Asli Tokman
Dramaturgy | Stephanie Tillotson
Music | Jan ÇIitak
Singing | Hüseyİn Erdoǧan

Showing as part of of the C ARTS programme of digital performance | www.CtheArts.com

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7 years +
Content Warning

Some distressing themes


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