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Charmian Hughes: She!


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"Joyfully silly, solidly fantastic stand-up" about First Love, Squabbling Sisters and The Colossal Squid!

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As we grow older, do we ever let go of our obsessions? Maybe you catch yourself fantasising about your first love and what would happen if you met again? Maybe after a gap of 47 years, 6 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, 4 hours? Maybe you are still secretly jealous of your older sister for overshadowing you when you were ten? 

Don't panic! English lady comedian Charmian is back, dispensing joy, laughs and wisdom! Charmian will share profound life lessons she learnt, aged 8, from watching the 1965 adventure fantasy film SHE - starring blonde Bond bombshell Ursula Andress on the eternal quest for the perfect love. (OK, they were all the wrong lessons!) Plus Charmian will introduce special guest star - the Colossal Squid - who will teach us to embrace life with all eight arms. 

"Perfectly matched writing and performing skills dance this comedy waltz. Life lessons from She Who Must Be Obeyed and the Colossal Squid, age gap marriage, ponies and some delightful sexual similies, make for an engrossing hour. Ursula Andress herself could not enchant you like this.” - Scotsman (August 2022)

"Hammer Horror, Colossal Squids and solidly fantastic standup. Charmian Hughes has it all. She is joyfully silly and beautifully condemning, masking satirical quips with an impish charm. A true professional and a pleasure to watch.” - Binge Fringe (EdFringe 2022)

''Hughes' story she tells so sweetly, through this lens of love and jealousy. From the most adoring relationships such as the one with her younger husband to the rockier, like her sibling rivalry and unintentional run-in with her first boyfriend. Equally endearing and hilarious as we hear of sisters who constantly fight, and snitch. She is a phenomenal storyteller, you could easily listen to her for hours as she vividly transports you from place to place to place." - Entertainment Now (2022)

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Mild swearing


Knockabout Studio (@ the NAT)

23 The Octagon Dunedin 9016

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This venue is in the same building as the New Athenaeum Theatre, down a corridor between Thistle and The Craic in the Octagon. It is a basement space with an entrance that has 28 stairs leading down to it. For comprehensive accessibility information and venue contact details, click here: Find out more

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