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Te Whare o Rukutia Venue Technician

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The Dunedin Fringe Festival is occurring from the 16th to the 26th of March 2023. As well as supporting artists to connect with various venues across the city, the Fringe team runs a small theatre space called Te Whare o Rukutia on Princes St, which hosts a variety of music, comedy, and theatre performances.

We’re looking for a technician to run the lighting and sound for the shows in this venue. An ideal candidate will have experience working with a variety of lighting and sound equipment—Te Whare o Rukutia uses a ChamSys QuickQ 20 lighting desk, with four Fresnel lights and a handful of LED Parcans (pre-rigged into a basic state; we aren’t expecting the technician to rig in the space). The sound desk is an Allen-Heath AH-QU-16C, which connects to microphones and also to a Macbook with QLab installed.

The venue technician will work with the venue manager/s, who will provide an induction into the space and a brief overview of the technical equipment.


The hours for this role are subject to change, depending on the confirmed number of shows occurring in the venue and the scheduling of their technical rehearsals. At a minimum, it is likely that the contractor will work 50 hours over the course of the festival, up to a maximum of 100. It’s possible that the hours can be adapted to work around a candidate’s availability, so get in touch even if you’re not sure of your availability!

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The Dunedin Fringe Festival is the world’s southernmost Fringe Festival. Initiated in 2000, Dunedin Fringe aims to bring experimental contemporary art to a wider audience and to support the work of emerging artists. Dunedin Fringe is an annual event which happens every March timed to coincide with other fringe festivals in New Zealand and Australia.

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