Tomás Ford: Have A Bath With Me? : Dunedin Fringe Festival

Tomás Ford: Have A Bath With Me?

Run the tap, set your screen up somewhere it can't electrocute you and prepare for a dance-pop extravaganza that will leave you feeling gloriously dirty.

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International party icon and cult cabaret crooner Tomás Ford invites you to join him for an hour of bathtime fun.

You'll have a ridiculous time, floating along to synthy pop songs ranging from the silly to the satirical. He'll be crooning a batch of songs he's written to be a disco-fied cocoon away from the chaos of 2021.

A regular pre-apocalypse visitor to New Zealand with his cult cabaret shows and his hit immersive DJ show Crap Music Rave Party, he's had a long, weird career. It's seen him open for synth heroes including Gary Numan, The Presets and of Montreal, tour with the Big Day Out's Lilypad and become a sold out fixture of the Edinburgh Fringe.

This year he's heading to Dunedin Fringe for the first time. Though he'll only be visiting our bathtubs.

That's more than OK - you'll enjoy this soak. He's bringing us a lofi pop extravaganza, featuring $2 shop drag, his stupid little animations and the kind of choreography you were proud of making up in Year 9. 

No technical expense has been spared - the show is filmed using a bazillion mostly-broken, semi-waterproof webcams, damp cardboard greenscreens and a trashbag full of outfits his mum was guilted into making for him.

Don’t worry, there’s no full frontal nudity. From him, anyway - but presumably nobody will be there to see you in your bath.

Get out your best body lotion & bath bombs. You deserve it. 

If you don't have a tub: don't worry. It turns out it's just as much fun to pretend, if you really commit.

C'mon, hop in. It's bathtime.




This show is being presented virtually. Your tickets will include a link for viewing, and will be available from 23 March - 28 March.




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