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The Quilt Project

During this hands-on workshop you will discover the joy of creating quilts.

The idea of the project is reference to the gender equality and the feminist movement as a form of resistance against gender discrimination in the society.

The Quilt Project will integrate math and art to create your own block to share your views on gender inequality. The Quilt Project is aiming to create the large-scale block quilt with panels created with applique of math basic symbols such as (not equal sign, inequality sign, and power sign etc.) Each panel will illustrate the inequitable status of women in the society and gender equality message.

All ages, genders, and levels of sewing experience welcome. Everyone will have the option to choose what math symbols they feel comfortable working with and to contribute a square image of a textile piece they created alongside a math symbol. The aim of the project is collecting as many as blocks that will represent the number of community views on inequality and then bring all blocks accruing to create a large-scale quilt.

Come and be a part of the creative process. Stitching not only brings joy, but it has long term physical and mental health benefits as well. In our social media age, as we become more physically distanced from each other, sewing is a way to stay in touch with each other: hand and mind working in harmony to convey what lies in our hearts. It sustains the engagement with textile processes that address the gender disparity issues women around the world are facing.

Complementary tea, and coffee are available at the workshop. Please bring a water bottle.

Arati Kushwaha has completed a Master of Visual Art from Dunedin School of Art, Otago Polytechnic. Arati is a visual artist, lives and works in New Zealand. Kushwaha had international group and solo exhibitions and has attended numerous international residences.





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