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Off Book- The Musical

Impulse Theatre presents 'Off Book- The Musical'
An evening of hilarious songs made up on the spot! The perfect after-work pick me up!

Off Book- The Musical

“Off Book: The Musical was amazing! Walked out with a sore face from all the laughter” - Audience Review

“There are some very funny sequences. Songs are delivered with confidence and wit” - Erin Harrington Theatreview.

"Quick thinking, lively and courageous improvisers" - Terry MacTavish Theatreview.

Following on from their hugely successful show 'Strangers', the cast of Impulse Theatre (including improvisation veterans Jonathan Briden, Joanna Prendergast, Debbie Klausen, Greg Hubbard and Mark Darbyshire) are teaming up with musical genius Michael Bell to create an hour long fully improvised musical that is sure to delight and will send you home humming tunes that no one has heard before.

Starting with a randomly selected job from a career guide, this cast of comedians create a fully improvised musical that will knock your socks off. The performers are remarkably talented, and the songs they create in the moment, will astound you - ranging from deeply emotional and heartfelt, through to the sublimely silly. You’ll be laughing and crying, and sometimes unsure which to do.

Musicals are exciting, full of energy, and deeply emotive. But what happens when there is no script, no score? Every song is created in the moment, fuelled by emotion and driven forward by the power of the music.

In their new show, 'Off Book: The Musical', Impulse Theatre are taking musical to the next level. Come see the musical no one has ever seen before – and will never see again!



$10.00 - $15.00


0 hr 55 mins


New Athenaeum Theatre

23 The Octagon, Dunedin

Improvisation Musicals Comedy

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