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Get Out of My Letter Box! CANCELLED

Hope is one organic banana away from saving the world and Alexia is one question short of an origin story. Can these neighbours navigate the space between them? A funny, heartbreaking tale of human connection.

GET OUT OF MY LETTER BOX tells the mad-cap story of an estranged daughter and an isolated Mother in search of connection, identity, and love. Thirty years on from an early adoption, eccentric inventor and ex-circus clown Alexia moves next door to eco-warrior, Hope, who she believes to be her biological mother. Walls tell secrets, letter boxes deliver memories, and an otherworldly invention meddles with the rules of engagement, in this explosive tale of human connection.

Fusing physical theatre, clown and elements of the absurd, GET OUT OF MY LETTER BOX journeys through the shifting minds and hearts of an unlikely pair as their worlds are turned upside down.

Written and performed by Katie Burson and Beth Kayes, GET OUT OF MY LETTER BOX was supported through an eleven month arts residency awarded to Katie Burson in 2019 at Studio One Toi Tū, Auckland.

GET OUT OF MY LETTER BOX features sound design by Emi Pogoni, set design by Ruby Read, lighting design by Paul Bennett and direction by Ruth Dudding.

Hot off the Press! Reviews from the recent Auckland season- Feb 19th to 22nd...
"GET OUT OF MY LETTER BOX builds a world of wild imagination, subterfuge, and familial loss out of the bodies of two excellent performers...Katie Burson and Beth Kayes expertly display a love for play, for physical clowning, and for pulling on the heartstrings of their audiences."
"...a delight that reminds us that theatre time ‘is different to earth time’ – that on stage you can move between different bodies in across vast times and places, that in the theatre you might find someone you have lost, and that a simple prop can become the key to finding out who you are."

"It is not often we get to enjoy watching female performers dance about the stage, reveling in their physical control, playing for the laughs without the comparison or pressure of masculine clowning and comedy."
**Irene Corbett, Theatre Scenes**

“A delightfully quirky comedy...a marvellous Chaplin-esque pas-de-deux... GET OUT OF MY LETTER BOX is one hell of a wild ride, a mad jumble of outrageous physical comedy, laced with the indescribable loss of adoption, corporate sabotage and youthful optimism.”

"Kayes and Burson created this little marvel of theatrical engineering...and bring wonderful chemistry and sparkling insight to their roles."

"GET OUT OF MY LETTER BOX is an utter delight from start to finish, full of unexpected twists and flips, not a dull moment-it seemed like it was over in a flash."

**Veronica McLaughlin Arts on the 13th Floor**



$15.00 - $22.00





Clarkson Studio, Regent Theatre

17 The Octagon, Dunedin

Theatre Physical Theatre Comedy

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