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Crash With Me

Verbatim theatre performance that grapples with homelessness and its impact on the quality of life for young women.

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Crash With Me is a thirty-minute verbatim performance from Australian Theatre Company Sneakyville, centred around homeless women living in Melbourne. Combining material from multiple sources, Crash With Me aims to illuminate rather than emulate to audiences the experiences of young, homeless women.

Featuring material set in Melbourne’s own ‘Tent City’, the performance covers freedoms and limitations experienced living without a fixed address. Hurdles for standard things taken for granted by millions of Australians including wellfare payments and easy access to hygiene products are addressed through verbatim accounts. The impact of dating apps on the homeless lifestyle is also explored as the resources available to homeless women evolve in a modern age. 

Crash With Me is more than recounting homeless experiences of people on the street. It’s an attempt to address an uncomfortable topic via a medium built on using voices that are predominantly sidelined. 

Crash With Me divulges the other side of homelessness. The freedoms and liberation felt by a select few who embrace being homeless as a lifestyle rather than a state of poverty or desperation. The unquenchable spirit and optimism of women who make the most out of every scenario and display moving levels of resilience to overcome pitfalls and heartaches.

Crash With Me weighs the value of being homeless over living in places that feel like houses rather than homes. The need to belong, not just exist within a transitional space.

Crash With Me recounts joyous highs and devastating lows, showing that life really is about more than having the best address money can buy.




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