Dunedin Fringe Festival

Meet your core Fringe 2017 Team

16 January 2017

The 2017 Fringe team had our first production meeting of the year today, with everyone meeting on site at Fringe HQ for a coffee-and-doughnut fuelled kick-start to the next stage of Fringe planning.


With ideas flying, suggestions flowing and loads of camaraderie, it was clear we were all equally excited to get stuck into delivering the biggest Festival to date.


Your core Fringe team for 2017 is:

Josh Thomas, Festival Director (director@dunedinfringe.nz)

Dallas Synnott, Production Manager (production@dunedinfringe.nz)

Emily Berryman, Administrator (info@dunedinfringe.nz)

Nell Williams, Publicist (publicity@dunedinfringe.nz)

Denise Narciso, Design Intern (design@dunedinfringe.nz)