Dunedin Fringe Festival

Event Cancellations for Marginalia and Pick-A-Path: Dance in The City

17 March 2015

Two Dunedin Fringe Festival events have cancelled one of their performances, due to unforseen cirumstances. Marginala: A Fringe Celebration of a City of Literature has cancelled Point: Is Academia a Ghetto? which was to be held tonight at Morning Magpie Café. Also, the Dunedin dance collective GASP have cancelled their Friday performance of Pick-A-Path: Dance in the City.

Marginalia began last night with the successful Stage South: Coming to a Stage Near You Soon. Unfortunately, tonight’s event has been cancelled but the series will continue this Wednesday night with Deep South – 20 Years of Digging which profiles the works of University of Otago postgraduate English students.

The Pick-A-Path: Dance in the City show was to be held on Friday 20th March at 8pm. There are still two other performances to be held in the Festival, Wednesday 18th March from 4-6pm and Sunday 22nd March from 3-5pm.

Up to date information is available at www.dunedinfringe.nz