Dunedin Fringe Festival

Review – The No Show

13 March 2018


REVIEW: The No Show

I can liken the Dunedin Fringe Festival to the expanding universe; in the early days, when it was small it was dense with delicious oddities, over time, dark energy has served to push the Fringe outwards sucking in more comedy, sponsors and slick mainstreamism than the dark matter that is true fringe theatre has been able to keep up with.

Imagine the joy that I then felt when I discovered the No Show was first up in the event listings of the program, “unravelled from the fringes of a fringy fringed, fringeless fringe”. Situated at The Site of Disappointment and stretching out for an indeterminate length of time, this self titled ‘non-event’ is much, much sharper than you might realise. Pure coincidence that the No Show begins the day after large chunks of New Zealand’s society were left out of the census? Possibly. Was the architect of the No Show behind the appearance of our Prime Minister at the opening night showcase? Probably not.  Does the Site of Disappointment exist under a WINZ logo? I’ll let you figure that one out.

Open your eyes and ears and you’ll see The Site of Disappointment all around you, you might even spot the turquoise No Show Show Pony lurking around waiting for it’s time to shine.

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