Dunedin Fringe Festival

Justin 'Rusty' White - I Learnt Something Once


Justin 'Rusty' White - I Learnt Something Once

Venue Inch Bar
8 Bank Street, Dunedin
Times Wed 15 Mar 2017, 9:45pm - 10:45pm
Fri 17 Mar 2017, 10:45pm - 11:45pm
Sat 18 Mar 2017, 10:45pm - 11:45pm
Price $3.00

Justin White is a bona fide underground cult classic, the comic "They" don't want you to see. A hermit who comes out of seclusion for only one reason: to make audiences spill their drinks laughing. Loved by those fortunate few who've been lucky enough to experience his uniquely wide-range performances, hated by the bar staff who have to clean up all those spilt drinks, Justin "Rusty" White has worked with many of the biggest names in NZ comedy spanning 20 years of obstinate obscurity, it's time to lift the lid on this little-known comedy treasure. Come discover what Rusty Learnt Once... ‘That Justin White is not in the "big leagues" and performing to sold-out houses is due to the fickle hand of fate and geography’ — Review from the Christchurch Comedy Carnival ‘Undoubtedly the highlight of the night’ — LUSA Magazine ‘Needs no introduction... can only be described as hilarious’ — Art Murmurs

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